Daniel Anderson, born in Pompton Plains, NJ, is an artist’s whose interest and career started at the age of 7 by means of a coloring contest which his fictitously ‘won’, by means of  his mother self-addressing a letter and a large box of crayola crayons. 

Through accelerated arts classes, winning some national poster contests through early grade years, and having a valued mentor outside of school, Daniel became familiar with all mediums leading up to and through his grade schooling, which led to his recruitment and scholarship at Syracuse University. He has also studied painting in Florence and was the sole NYC artist selected annually for a residency in Melbourne, Australia.


With some tremendous professors that saw Daniel’s oft eccentric but truly imaginative side, he excelled in his college courses, in two concentrations. Continuing his high school obsession with cubism (Picasso) futurism(Boccioni) and his idol of supreme visual fantasy, Salvador Dali, Anderson started to push the boundaries of abstraction as it applied to movement and form, becoming more and more fascinated with the aggressive physical breakdown and exploration of matter. During his studies in Italy, students were instructed to pick the fruit from the market to paint. Anderson ate the fruit and painted from memory, stating to his profesor,”I don’t paint what is there, but what it see [and feel] is there.” The realistic accuracy and technical skill stood its ground…and with a wink, the artist humbly stated,”I’m sorry, I was hungry.”


His visual capacities allow him to visualize composition of form, movement and external energies that he is inspired to convey from his own internal and external energies. This ability and perspective - to be able ‘decode’, break down and buildup matter and [the interpretation of] its forms as he abstracts them -  makes his portrayal of energy a fascinating expression. In 2015, Anderson coined this hybrid of styles ‘supreme abstraction’, reasoning, “the work cannot be categorized and is unique unto itself, despite certain areas of any given work being tied to prior influences. In the works, light, shadow and form constantly evolve as a result of external catalytic energies - including transparencies, co-planar movements, dynamic color palettes. You will see homage to aforementioned artists in his work, often hidden.


His continued affinity for surrealism and it’s hyper-visualization of matter and

forms are seen in his own complex visual expressions that cross over into his

entirely unique mixed media expressions. Anderson’s restless creative energies

wanted to expand his expression for energy, movement and form into

2D & 3D forms.  He devised a way to control and sculpt movements of texture,

undulating to any depth or height in his ‘sculpted canvas’ method.  He finds the

visual experience of such ‘live physical energy’ to be captivating - even r

endering with light and shadow[depth].  His notable sculpted canvas series,

DIFFUSION SERIES, comprise of a limited edition of ten large energy narratives

that convey the buildup and break down of matter to/from a resolved, tranquil

state. With intensive productions that span many months for each one, they

areas impressive in their engineering as they are in their physical, intimate

experience. Many of his collectors call them “sculptures that hang on the wall.”

His vision for his signature sculpted canvas method encompasses sculpturally

complex forms that invite the viewer to witness an energetic transition of forms and

media. This  experience  can often be as calming as it is arresting and as muted as it is

animated inits tactical reality. Each  work’s overall expression appears as a composite 

of multiple subdivisions in complex crafted forms - similar to that of an ocean, wherein

small “water diamonds” make up [what one sees as] one giant wave [of movement].

Anderson is excited for some of the evolutions of these works, with many more original

contractions and method in the years to come. Through mixed media, the artist energizes

abstract, dynamic forms in color and chiaroscuro to create the nuances that define unique



Anderson also utilizes this ability to breakdown and abstract matter and forms in his installation series,

Epoch Visions’. All of Anderson’s installations  tell stories through visual interplays and reflect on aspects

of society and its evolution. Andersonfeels very strongly for world poverty and other social issues, thus his

work promotes and urges that society step back and re-examine the direction of the human footprint in

the realms of overconsumption, materialism, and the inevitable and unpredictable wave of technology

that is poised to define our species.


With many years of installations set to launch, Anderson prepares to prolifically expand his body of work

and expression.


He currently lives and works in Montclair, NJ and throughout the New York city area.


The Dino

{2015 oil commission}