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Contemporary abstract sculptor and painter Daniel Anderson was born and raised in Pompton Plains, New Jersey. His interest and passion for art began at an early age and led him to be recruited and to receive a scholarship to attend the College of Visual & Performing Arts at Syracuse University in New York. He continued his formal education in Florence, Italy, and was the sole artist from New York City selected to participate in an annual residency program in Melbourne, Australia.


Continuing with his early childhood obsession of cubism, futurism, and surrealism, Anderson studied and gained

inspiration from the works of Picasso, Boccioni, and Dali. Anderson started to push the boundaries of abstraction as it

applies to movement, form, and the compositional elements of matter. 


His vision is inspired by highly mechanical and mathematical methods, and allow his works to transcend traditional

forms, exhibited in his signature ‘sculpted canvas’ DIFFUSION SERIES, in which he portrays the buildup and

breakdown of matter by rendering depth with light and shadow. 


In DIFFUSION SERIES #7: ‘Ascension’, his mathematical and architectural tendencies surface, with 14 buttresses

supporting a bridge of two-sided diffusing energy textures, aligning shadow depths above and below the bridge for

heightened illusion.


Anderson’s COLOR SPLASH SERIES of sculpted canvases utilize 3D background textures in motion. Splashes of

color are painted over sculpted forms which conform to and interact with their shadows, providing dramatic

movement and the illusion of depth. 


In his SPONTANEOUS ENERGIES SERIES, brush strokes are “dimensionalized” with dramatic, impacting, kinetic and

catalytic energies, enmeshed in layered overlays and underlays.


His fascination with transitioning in and out of 2D and 3D methods to portray energy,                                                                      movement, and dimension as it relates to color and form allows viewers to experience

such elements in his oils. 


METAPHYSICAL ROSE ANATOMIES SERIES: ‘2-Rose’, inspired by its complex and

delicate form, evokes what others have called “dancing roses” in a celebratory homage

to exquisite artisanship of the natural world. The mystique and ambiguity of the

background acts as an abyss that the metaphysical movements animate, dissipate, and

weightlessly float within.


XO WORLD, one of the monumental sculptures of the XO WORLD Project and and

currently on display at at One World Trade in New York City, was unveiled on the 40-year

milestone of World Peace Day, September 21, 2021. The sculpture is a visual expression

of the powerful message of equality, unity, peace, and love. This use of iconography and

symbolism is meant to connect with the hearts and minds of the masses as it is intended

to motivate, activate, and further progress humanity. 


Inspired from observing children, Anderson chose the universal game of Jacks to create

a 12-foot Jack ‘X’ which is reflective of two crossed arms and represents “Love” in

universal sign language. The ‘O’ is represented by the world/globe. The dramatic

juxtaposition of scale in this work was meant to minimize the scale of its viewers, making

the impact and importance of its message that much bigger.


The complimentary XO Play sculpture depicts children engaged in the game of Jacks. Reminiscent of childhood innocence and harmonious coexistence with the world, it acts as a powerful metaphor of all races uniting, the accepting nature of children, and offers a vision of a better global society for generations to come. The “cross-armed” jacks symbolize security and safety, and like XO World, love.


Anderson’s visual language and artistic expression not only allows his work to expand across multiple platforms and disciplines, but also provides intriguing, transformational visual experiences in varied scales and mediums.


The Dino

{2015 oil commission}





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