THE DREAM CONTINUED [Bust detail]: Imani's Dream.

AP Ltd edition of 25
16” x 18” x 20”


* Allow 2-4 weeks for delivery.

A bust detail of ‘THE DREAM CONTINUED’ original sculpture,an innocent child contemplates on the powerful and catalytic symbol of change. She imagines the possibilities encapsulated in the game of jacks that translate into envisioned dreams and hopes. How will they progress? Will the evolution of society and change make her journey to achieve them any different than past generations?The viewer’s heartfelt attraction for this child evokes an awareness about all children; childhood dreams are fragile, as are the temperaments that form them, the barriers that challenge them,and the incentives that keep them alive.


Imani. Pronunciation: i-MAH-nee (key) This strong and elegant Swahili name, which means faith, is shaping up to be an African-American classic. It's a favorite of Ivy League parents and was the name of a pioneering black fashion doll. From the Baby Name Wizard by Laura Wattenburg.

THE DREAM CONTINUED [Bust detail]: Imani's Dream.

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